Get to know the McNally story

Ciaran’s guitars are the result of 13 years of development with the aim of combining the Irish and American styles of guitar building in which he was trained.


• First guitar at age 16, made on the kitchen table.
• Lagan Lutherie School, Belfast- Evening, Intensive & Apprentice courses.
• London Met. (College of Furniture) – Diploma in Musical Instruments
• George Lowden Guitars, N.Ireland – Senior Craftsmen
• Atkin Guitars, England – Production Manager

“”My goal is to make inspiring guitars.”

From Ciaran…

“I take the warmth and complexity of Celtic guitars and add some of the definition and fundamental qualities of great American guitars. The result is more versatile.

My techniques are a mixture of traditional and modern, hand tools and machinery. I aim to be very transparent about how I make my guitars, and let the customer make their own judgement. I hope to bring more video content showing the construction methods over time. Please get in touch if you have any questions.

I enjoy working with guitarists of all genres and abilities to create custom guitars, bespoke to their playing needs.

My pricing structure allows me to connect with musicians looking for a working instrument, but also guitar enthusiasts looking to customise something more tailored.

Seeing my guitars being enjoyed and used to create is the best part of being a guitar maker.”

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