The Workshop

Welcome to the McNally Guitars Workshop. Take a look inside…

Ciaran gives a tour and explains some of the process and approaches to making a McNally Guitar.

Ciaran explain the benefits of CNC technology in making McNally Guitars.

“I’m more than happy to explain my methods to customers because I’m proud of every method I use, and I’m determined that McNally Guitars presents itself as honest and approachable.

My decision to use or not use certain methods or technologies is guided by one simple principle… Can it help me make a better guitar? Where CNC and laser machines excel, I use them. Where a sharp chisel and a steady hand cannot be beaten, that’s what I use.”

Ciaran explains why spraying his own guitars instead of outsourcing is important to him and the process of a making a McNally Guitar.

Workshop Gallery

For any further questions please Contact Ciaran

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